About us

Quality of Service has always been key to business success of PropertyConciergePH, although never as important as in these times where the fast pace of life leaves little time to concentrate on the family and those people important to you.
Weather young or old, married or single, our home is the place where we relax and focus on what is important in life.
Because of this understanding and knowing the stress brought about by moving home (buying or selling), PropertyConciergePH was formed with a focus on taking away the pain normally involved with a property transaction in a professional and ethical manner at all times.

Our name PropertyConciergePH was chosen for very specific reasons:

  • Property – we provide a buy and sell service that is unlike any other in the Philippines. You are our customer but we treat you as we would a family member.
  • Concierge – we will go beyond just buying and selling property by providing you with a “one stop shop” for all your household needs whether it be a trusted architect, an insurer of your property and contents to being able to provide you the services of a “same day currier service” through our trusted network of partners and affiliates.
  • PH – 100% committed to providing the Philippines with a service they can trust and rely on whatever the needs.

At the base of our business are solid foundations:

  • Focus on matching buyer to seller specifications
    By ensuring the buyer requirements are understood, we match against what properties are on the market. We understand that when a client says they want a 3-bedroom house they don’t want to see a 1-bedroom house no matter how beautiful it is. Likewise, the budget is important (we all have one) and that means if we are told the budget is 10M, it makes no sense showing a 15M property no matter how good a deal it is.
  • Easily contactable members of staff to provide rigorous and professional customer service.
    How often do you find yourself dealing with someone on an important matter yet they don’t find it as important and keep you waiting for answers? We have established a system where we provide quick and easy answers and treat you with the urgency you deserve
  • Professional and well organized viewings.
    There is nothing more frustrating for a viewer than arriving at a scheduled viewing and the broker isn’t there or the keys aren’t present. At PropertyConciergePH we ensure that keys are present and the Realtor is on time. We understand there is “traffic” and that is not an excuse for being late – we simply schedule enough travel time to be present “On Time”.

Our Keys Skills

  • Experts in real estate and associated transactions
    We only allow the best Realtors to join us. The business has been set up with long term professionalism at the forefront as that is what our clients deserve. Not only do the realtors we work with understand the market, they are also fully qualified and most importantly know that Customer Satisfaction is paramount.
    Professional and Ethical behavior is the key to why our realtors have gained and more importantly maintained the trust of their clients for many years.
  • Business Management, Marketing and Software Experts
    As with any business in today’s society, it is increasingly more important to have the right people in place to guarantee business growth yet at the same time maintaining the core values the company started with. The management team with decades of experience oversee every aspect of transactions to ensure lessons are learnt quickly and used to drive behavioral changes in the business. From Management to Marketing/Software the team leverages leading edge and versatile techniques to ensure the right property is seen by the right person.

Why do Buyers and Sellers alike love us?

It’s simple, we know our role in making sure all transactions are smooth and efficient.
For a buyer, we provide a professional interface into the real estate market place by providing targeted viewings based on expert local knowledge (for domestic and international clients) through an established network and tools
For buyers we ensure qualified leads through a dedicated contact center as a result of providing domestic and international visibility through high quality internet and social media marketing.

Welcome to the Next Generation or Real Estate Companies: PropertyConciergePH